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Precision, Tenacity, Reliability.


At our core we are problem solvers, it's what drives and motivates us everyday, something we have felt since childhood. We have taken that desire to create and molded it into a tool that can give business owners an edge. Its what we love to do.



Meet the Team


Technical Director

-Weston Howe

Prior to KNO3 IT, Weston worked as a freelance IT consultant, primarily working for transportation companies. He has been working in the industry and creating custom software solutions for businesses since he was a teenager. Developing databases from scratch, e-commerce platforms, and even programming route optimization software for a city bus system. Databases, automation, and network administration is what Weston excels at.

Weston’s knowledge in the technical field is unparalleled, he is consistently developing himself, exploring new tools and services, and always enjoys a challenge.


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Operations director

-Lyle Baumgaertner

Enlisting in 2011, Lyle served seven years in the United States Army as a communications support technician. Supporting units from around the country in both Afghanistan and in numerous training exercises. While serving, he became quite proficient in setting up networks in austere environments,maintaining tactical communications systems, and conducting expeditionary field repairs. Lyle specializes in hardware of all kinds, spending years in the Army taught him to make do with what he had to just make it work.

When he isn’t juggling the operations of KNO3 IT, he can usually be found working on his 1988 Jeep Wrangler or a new piece of equipment.



Management DIrector

-Dustin Melton

For the last few years, Dustin has served as a logistical specialist in the United States Army. Supporting over 100 individuals, maintaining property accountability, and overseeing a large amount of financial assets. Dustin developed several systems to handle complex multifaceted military operations, improving efficiency and minimizing loss. Utilizing knowledge gleaned from the Army, Dustin is able to effectively handle administrative and financial concepts with ease.

Dustin is fueled by a passion for learning and understanding. Due to this he spends his time working on performance vehicles, keeping up with new technology, and interacting with the local community.